Strut your stuff and compare your beloved trail mix/gorp (good old raisins and peanuts) against others at the October chapter meeting – be a stand out among the mounds of M&M’s and hordes of raisins. Meeting attendees will be given the opportunity to sample/vote on each entry!

Everything tastes better in the outdoors. But when you combine food that’s crunchy and salty (like nuts) with stuff that’s sweet and chewy (like dried fruit, chocolate and candy), something magical happens. You’ve created gorp, the perfect power-packed snack for generations of outdoor enthusiast like us!

In preparation for our outdoor adventures, we mix up our unique gourmet blends, fruity health mixes, sweet-tooth specials, and a few bizarre antigorps. While most hikers think of gorp as a blend of fruit and nuts eaten by the handful (with the requisite crumbs sprinkled on your clothes), many like to think outside the zipper-lock bag.

Gorp can be a sweet and crunchy ball, a smooth bar, or a simple grab bag of chocolate delights that help you stay energized and deliriously happy (especially if chocolate is involved!)

GORP Contest Rules:

  • Contest open to all: FTA and non-FTA members
  • Must be your own creation – not purchased in its entirety in a bag
  • Quantity equal to 4 cups needs to be provided in a large unmarked zipper-lock bag
  • Bring a list of ingredients printed on a piece of paper (for purposes of friends with allergies)

Winner is awarded a 1-year FTA membership with their creation shared in the next chapter newsletter.

Come to the October 8th meeting by 6:20 PM to submit your delicious trail concoction to Debbie or Bev. Contact Debbie Grant dag9465@comcast.net, or Bev Wilburn Bev0753@comcast.net