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Chuck Norris & Tigger (Randy & LuAnne Anderson)


SpokenPaddle (Mark Gill)


No Trace and Unbreakable (John & Susan Hahn)


Jugglin’ June Cleaver (Amanda Hus)


Lakeland Nidhatak (Warren Renninger)


Canadian Geese (Richard & Carol Robinson)



Steve Sheridan, first thru-hiker, 1989Since the route of the Florida Trail has been under construction since 1964, the mileage hiked by these hikers varies from year to year. All hikers listed completed all sections of the Florida Trail available to them; in recent years, with updates to maps to show them the route, hikers have completed all connecting road walks as well.

S-Section Hiker

T-Thru-Hiker (completed the hike in one season)

E-Hiked the Florida Trail as part of the 4,000-mile Eastern Continental Trail route

If you’ve completed the Florida Trail and your name is not on this list, please contact the FTA with your details to be added to the list and to receive your official end-to-end patch!

< Above right: Steve Sheridan, first Florida Trail thru-hiker, 1989 >

Class of 2012

T Warren Renninger “Lakeland Nidhatak”, Muncy Valley, PA

T Rachel Renne “Racheopod”,Nocatee, FL

T Leland Earls , Missoula, MT

T Jon Phipps – Rodknee DangerTrail, Oviedo, FL

T Jack Toth “Captain Jack”, Winter Springs, FL

T Susan Hahn “Unbreakable”, Rocklin, CA

T John Hahn “No Trace” , Rocklin, CA

TJeff Reilly “ThirstyBoots” , Northfield, VT

T Amanda Hus “Rainbow” ,Tampa, FL

S Joann Johnson “Foxfire”, Ft. White, FL

S Dexter “Crow” Jones

Class of 2011

T Bill “Bush Whacker” Bush  Palm Beach Gardens, FL

S Bill “FireBall” Luttge,  Gainesville, FL

T Ben Mayberry, Portland, OR

T Kevin “Sparky” Sparks, Bloomfield, NM

S Pete “Zipoff” Hirst, Edgewater, FL

S Dick “HikeOn” Vogel, Fort White, FL

T Rich Mayfield, Laguna Hills, CA

S Larry Myers, St. Cloud, FL

T Phil “Max” Clayberg, Magnolia, DE

T Tim “Head-n-Out” Van Nest,  Kent City, MI

T Amanda “Jugglin’ June Cleaver” Hus, Tampa, FL

S George Meek, Arlington, VA

T Clete “Cope” Granade, Baxley, GA

T Michael Kein, Belair, FL

T Caterina Lewis-Perry, Belair, FL

T Chris Binder  Ridgefield, CT

Class of 2010

T John “Nascar” Williamson, Hernando, FL

S Joan Hobson  Minneola, FL

T Brad Henderson  Mary Esther, FL

T Gordon R. “Grandalf”  Crawford, Whittier, CA

S Edward B. “Old Pack” Selby  Naples, FL

S George “Billy Goat” Woodard, Jr.  Wellington, NV

T Rachel “Racheopod” Renne  Nocatee, FL

T Christine “German Tourist” Thuermer  Berlin, Germany

T Bill “Bush Whacker” Bush  Palm Beach Gardens, FL

T Barbara “Nails” Quinn  Lake Mary, FL

T Paul “Bear Bag Hanger” Guyon  Palm City, FL

T Kraig “Mover Star” Williamson  Newport Beach, CA

T Joel “Wounded Knee” Kaiser  Port St. Lucie, FL

T Frank “Sunset” Masters  Sunset, SC

T, E John-Michael “H.R. HuffnPuff” Hernandez  San Francisco, CA

Class of 2009

T Jodie Eller, Merritt Island, FL

T Arthur Keene, Merritt Island, FL

S Sue “Hammock Hanger” Turner, Jacksonville, FL

T Randy “Chuck Norris” Anderson, Plant City, FL

T David “Old Drum” Curtis, Warrensburg, Missouri

Class of 2008

T Lolly “Mt Laurel” Tharpe Sebring, FL

T Brian “T-Back” Darcey Tampa, FL

S Grady “Snaps” Taute Tierra Amarilla, NM

T Allen ” Tortoise” Shoup Palatka, FL

T Ron Haskett Winter Garden, FL

T Donna “Mosey” Stowe Melbourne, FL

S Janette Davison Land O Lakes, FL

T Ryan Carpenter Seattle, WA

Class of 2007

T Selena “Wing It” Leonard Urbandale, IA

T “Bamboo Bob”Sartini Boston, MA

S Bart Smith Tacoma, WA

T “Skeemer”

S Jim Sullivan Orlando, FL

S Paul Morgan Altamonte Springs, FL

S Mara “Up & Back” Snyder

T Robert Vogt

T Mary Ann Vogt

T Wes Birdsong

T DeAnn Birdsong

T Mark “Captain America” Bailey

Class of 2006

S Theresa Jesionowski, Plaistow, NH

S Carl Jesionowski, Plaistow, NH

T Mark “Stumpknocker” Suiters Sumterville, FL

T Johnny Molloy Johnson City, TN

T,E “Roni from Israel” Israel

T,E Lewis “Camo” Moyers

T,E “Powerstroke” Moyers

T Bob “LWOP” Coveney Salt Springs, FL

Class of 2005

T,E David “The Wandering Bull” Jessop

T “Rub-A-Dub-Dub”

Class of 2004

T Li Brannfors Arizona

T,E Toby “Son of Billy Goat” Woodward

T,E Scott “Crash Test Dummy” Nolen

S,E “Bamboo Bob” Sartini

S Fred “Spring Fever” Kirsch

Class of 2003

None recorded.

Class of 2002

T Erik Schlimmer, Oneonta, NY

T,E Bonita “Mother Goose” Helton Kentucky

T,E Jolene “Jojo Smiley” Koby Maine

T,E Nancy “Magellan” Gower Maine

S Beth “B1” Lawson Tampa, FL

S Melton “Grits” Cocrell Quitman, GA

Class of 2001

T Gene McAllister, South Paris, ME

S,E Judy Geisler Fort Myers, FL

T,E Michael “Del” Delahunty Lancashire, England

T,E Ed Talone Arlington, VA

T,E Luke “Gnome” Denton Tampa, FL

T,E Joe “Wild Flamingo” Masters Elkton, FL

T,E Eb “Nimblewill Nomad” Eberhart Dahlonega, GA

T,E Sridhar “Spider” Ramasami Ft. Lauderdale, FL

T,E John “Johnny Looksee” Hordup Ohio

Class of 2000

T,E Chuck “Swamp Eagle” Wilson Naples, FL

T Joan “Igloo” Hobson Minneola, FL

T,E Jon Leuschel

Class of 1999

S  Rick “Vagabond” Guhse  Winter Park, FL

T,E  Scott Galloway

T,E  Scott VanDamm

Class of 1998

T,E  Eb “Nimblewill Nomad”Eberhart   Dahlonega, GA

Class of 1997

S  Jon “Wanchor” Phipps  Oviedo, FL

T  Joan “Igloo” Hobson  Minneola, FL

T,E  Jon Brinda  ** FIRST ECT THRU-HIKER **

Class of 1996

T  Gary Devine

T  Damon Stewart

1990 thru 1995

T  Clint Caudell (1993-94)

T  Solange Wiznia (1993-94)

1980 thru 1989

S  Allen De Hart (1980-88)  Louisburg, NC

T  Steve Sheridan (1989)  Tallahassee, FL

T  Chet “MEAC” Fromm (1989)  Port Orange, FL

T  Winston Lumsden (1989)

1964 thru 1979

S  Jim Kern (1964)  Miami, FL

S  Cecil Kirkham (1974-75)  Lake City, FL

S  Dorothy Laker (1974-75)  Clearwater, FL

S  Douglas Garden (1979)

S  Paul “Bigfoot” Tourigny (1979)  Lewiston, ME