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Trail MaintenanceA list of ways you can help…

VOLUNTEER is a verb! … and we’re very verbal about needing volunteers!

PLEASE contact us if you want to volunteer.

HELP WANTED–NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED–FREE TRAINING–RAPID PROMOTION POTENTIAL–Salaries are low ($0), but the rewards are priceless. Immediate Openings are available for the following positions:

ACTIVITY LEADERS–Helps fulfill the mission of the FTA by planning and leading activities through which others, both members and the public, will be able to learn the skills and knowledge which will help them enjoy and appreciate the natural world that surrounds them, and by instilling in them the desire to preserve it.How you can help…

TRAILMASTERS–Responsible to Section Leader for the detailed development and/or maintenance of a segment of the FTA trail. Schedules and leads trail maintenance activities on a periodic basis to ensure good conditions of the trail all year.

TRAIL MAINTAINERS–Participates in the regular maintenance hikes performed by the Chapter Trails Coordinator, Section Leaders and Trailmasters.

CHAPTER OFFICERS AND CHAIRS–Nominees are needed for these positions that come up for election in alternating years (2009, 2011, etc.). Please consider serving your chapter in these vital positions. Contact the Chapter Chair to find out which positions will be open and what the duties are.

OTHER WAYS TO HELPClick here for a list…

INTERESTED?–Contact the Chapter Chair: Dawn Brown at (850) 668-0091 or

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