We are a local chapter of the Florida Trail Association, based in and around Leon County and the Big Bend region, where you’ll find some of the finest hiking in all of Florida.  We have monthly programs on hiking and other outdoor topics, build and maintain the Florida National Scenic Trail and other hiking trails, lead hikes, paddles, biking and other activities.  Join us on a spectacular adventure!

Chapter Meetings and Programs:

7/31/20 – We have received approvals from the FTA State Office regarding the resumption of trail maintenance activities as along as work is accomplished following the guidelines:

The overall goal is to minimize all participants’ possible exposure to the virus. By signing the FTA Assumption of Risk, Modified for COVID-19, you will be acknowledging that you have reviewed the FTA COVID 19 Operating Procedures, Revision 2, 7-30-2020 and you will comply with them, and that you will follow the instructions of the persons in charge (Activity Leader, Trail Crew Leader, etc.).

Note that it is always acceptable for an individual to decide that they do not wish to participate, after reviewing the potential risks for severe illness associated with the COVID-19 virus (see the CDC and FL Dept. of Health reference links provided below) against their personal and family situation.

More information:  https://www.floridatrail.org/covid-19/


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