TRIP REPORT: Bradwell Bay Swamp Stomp.

March 6, 2010
Kent Wimmer

Sixteen intrepid hikers braved the Annual Bradwell Bay Swamp Stomp on a beautiful day. Our trekkers had a positive attitude, a good sense of humor and a great time despite the cold, thigh deep waters. We were fortunate to have warm air temperatures plus the water levels had dropped over the last week so we did not have to splash through the upland pines.

To view and download the pictures that I took, please go to: . You can also upload your pictures to this gallery if you would like to share yours as well. There is even a video taken by yours truly while taking a face first dive after finding a hole.

Joel “Whitesnake” Arthur has put some video and photographs of our Swamp Stomp on the web for your viewing pleasure. Thanks Joel for sharing this with us.
Unedited Video – Part 1: Click here. Unedited Video – Part 2: Click here. Photos: Click here.
If you have trouble with the video locking up, try clicking on the option at the bottom of the video window that says “480p” and change it to “360p”.  This will play the video at a lower quality so your internet can keep up. Eventually, Joel will add edited versions of the videos.

Barbara Bowen has posted some nice pictures of the Bradwell Bay Swamp Stomp:
Thank you Barbara.

Thanks for joining us on this year’s Swamp Stomp. If you missed this year’s hike and want to join us next year, please put our next Swamp Stomp on your calendar for the first Saturday in March, Saturday March 5, 2011.

Bradwell Bay Swamp Stomp 3-6-10 Eric in the water

(Photos by Kent Wimmer)

TRIP REPORT: Pine Log Gathering.

April 17-19, 2009
Barbara Donner & “Jasper”

The second annual multi-chapter campout at Pine Log State Forest was a great weekend. About 30 people came from across north Florida. On Saturday, we went on a 5 mile hike along the upper Econfina Creek from Scotts Rd. to Owenwood Rd. Joining us were the photographer, John Moran, and DOF county forester, Geoff Cummings. We passed countless mountain laurels in bloom and the two new suspension bridges named Fender and Two Penny. The creek was a little high from all the recent flooding, but it was still beautiful. At camp, we had two enormous feasts Friday and Saturday nights provided by the Panhandle and Choctawhatchee Chapters. Great people; great weekend!

Photos by John Moran

TRIP REPORT: Torreya Trail Rerouting.
February 20-22, 2009
Jerry Herting

A hearty group of volunteers braved near-freezing overnight temperatures to reroute the Gregory House South Connector Trail, which leads from the house down to the River Bluff Trail.  A total of 19 volunteers were involved in the project — which replaced a steep, badly eroded section of trail with a new trail following natural contours with less grade, allowing rain water to sheet-flow across the trail.  The new trail begins on the river bluff at the southwest corner of the lawn behind the Gregory House and meanders down-slope through lush native vegetation.  Butch Siegel, a trails specialist from Wisconsin who spends winters working on FTA projects, was the project director and technical advisor.  I, as FTA Section Leader for the Torreya Trail, coordinated the project and led one work group.  Other work groups were led by Mike Tucker, Bob Daniels and Thomas Smith.  Ronny Traylor provided overall assistance and Leigh Brooks offered advice on native plants to be preserved along the new trail.  Joe and Rebecca Follman painted the blue blazes signifying a connector trail.  Barbara Donner served as camp hostess, providing delicious meals for the hungry crew.  Others working on the project included Dawn Brown, Arthur Ward, Mary Alice and Michael Linzy, Bob Gilley, Jason Kam, Fred Jagels, Galen Moses and George Weaver.

(Photos by Rebecca Follman)

TRIP REPORT: Aucilla Sinks Hike

February 8, 2009
by Barbara Donner

Barbara reports there were 16 people on this hike.
Bob Tilden says, “great weather…great hike.”

(photos by Bob Tilden)

TRIP REPORT: Torreya Challenge Hike

February 7, 2009
by Jerry Herting

On a clear sunny day ten participants — Ann Herting, Bob Daniels, Helaine Robinson, Gwen Beatty, Gary Sisco, Bob Tilden, Mary Alice Lindsey, Michael Lindsey, Sandra Schmid and leader Jerry Herting — hiked the Torreya Challenge Trail from the Park picnic area and returned for a total of 10 miles. During the winter season when most leaves have fallen, the large trees in Torreya State Park seem to stand taller. Several species stand out because of their distinct bark. These include the white oak, American beech, southern magnolia, and dogwood. Everyone completed the hike and there were no problems.

(Photos by Bob Tilden)

TRIP REPORT: Wade Tract Birding Hike

November 1, 2008
by Kent Wimmer

This hike at the 200-acre Wade tract just south of Thomasville, Georgia took us into one of the best remaining examples of old-growth longleaf pine/wiregrass forests left in the United States.  Jim Cox, noted ornithologist with Tall Timbers Research Station, provided commentary and showed us a red-cockaded woodpecker colony.

TRIP REPORT: Chipola River paddle gwen-beatty-spring-creek-chipola.JPG

June 14, 2008
by Gwen Beatty

The weather and river conditions couldn’t have been better. Twelve of us put in at the Spring Creek dam on Hwy 90 in Marianna and took out at Magnolia Bridge downstream on the Chipola. I have never seen Spring Creek or the Chipola so beautiful and clear. The river clean-ups over the past couple years have successfully cleared away most of the trash and debris that littered the creek a couple years ago. We were on the river early enough to miss most of the locals who usually get a later start and we were off the river in time to avoid the afternoon thunderstorms. After the paddle, we stopped at Ruby Tuesday in Marianna to cool off and enjoy a late lunch. Mike has put his photos on the internet; check them out at this website

TRIP REPORT: Torreya State Park hike

May 17, 2008
by Jerry Herting

Hiking in Torreya State Park is always enjoyable, especially with a small group of friendly people (we had (eleven participants ), and a clear, sunny day. We enjoyed lunch on Logan Hill (elevation 240 feet).

TRIP REPORT: Pine Log / Nokuse weekend

May 16-18, 2008
by Linda Patton pine-log-pond.JPGpine-log-nokuse.JPG

More than two dozen people attended this multi-chapter event and enjoyed the wonderful group facilities at Pine Log State Forest. About five people from the Apalachee Chapter were there for all or part of the weekend. The weather was perfect, the food was outstanding, the hikes were great and the company, of course, was exceptional. The new section of the Florida Trail through Nokuse Plantation is a beautiful addition to the Trail!