Chapter Activities Coordinator Overview

The Apalachee Chapter of the FTA needs to elect 2020-22 Officers at the March 2020 meeting. According to the bylaws, we need to present a slate of officers for election at the February 2020 meeting. James Kimbrel has agreed to serve another term as the Chapter Treasurer. Debbie Grant has agreed to serve as the Membership Coordinator. Unfortunately, Ray Cade has served two terms as the Activity Coordinator, and cannot serve again. We are therefore, looking for a volunteer to serve as our Activity Coordinator.

A reasonable level of people/communication skills to work with the activity leaders is valuable. As a coordinator, she/he delegates the Activity Proposal work to the Activity Leaders (A.L), however we also support their work with information (forms (Assumption Risk – Sign-in), chapter guidelines and standards, educational material, Activity Leader Guide, etc.). It is useful to encourage discussion at the planning meetings – experiences and lessons from experienced activity leaders and outdoor enthusiast can shorten the learning curve for less experienced A.L.s.  It is very important to emphasize safety as a main concern for any activity whether simple or complex in planning. The secondary focal point can be fun, excitement or educational. Be able to meet for each Activities Planning Meeting Quarterly. 

 Reminders or refreshers from time to time during Activity Planning mtgs:

  • Activity requirements and the importance of liability and safety – Assumption of Risk form is a must
  • Best practices – Planning, Hiking, Communicating
  • A.L eligibility requirements
  • Ask for ways to improve our Chapter, Hiking Experience or Efficiency
  • Trail Conditions, closures, new trails, parks, greenways etc.
  • Electronic Media concerning activities – for example GPS, Meetup etc., How to change or update an activity once it has been submitted.

Sometimes an A.L. is unable to attend a planning meeting and a what follows is an email or telephone call to the Coordinator. The A.L. may ask for them to duplicate a past activity or similar activity with slight changes in the future planning period. The coordinator may need to develop the new activity proposal form past information proposals for timeliness. It’s also the Coordinator’s role to check for completeness on all activity proposals.  This way when activities and narratives finally reach the Newsletter editor any changes or corrections are minimized.

Activities Planning Meeting & Activity Proposals:

Reserving location for (Planning Mtg. 1 to months prior)

Update/Revise Planning Mtg. Notice to Activity Leaders and email

Email Mtg. Notice

Email 2nd Notice

Email in the afternoon or morning of Mtg. date

Prepare Mtg. Agenda – print or email

Print and bring Mtg. Sign in Sheet.

Turn in sign in sheet to Volunteer Coordinator for recording volunteer hours Combine all activity proposals in chronological order to one WORD file if possible or text in the same narrative format as previous newsletter

Combine all activity proposals in chronological order to one WORD file if possible or text in the same narrative format as previous newsletter.

  • Familiar with Chapter website & FTA statewide website.
  • Very Familiar with Activity Leader Guide
  • Familiar with FTA website – Activity Leader Resources 
  • Arrange, plan, reserve room / location and publicize Activity Leader Educational Training Workshop / Refresher Course annually or as necessary
  • Complete Applications / Release forms when participating in festivals, community events (specifically for public property or lands (City, County, State) – Use standard FTA mission statement for purpose when appropriate. Our chapter is self-insured through FTA HQ Office – sometimes a Certificate of Liability Insurance is necessary for each specific event – requesting month(s) in advance sometimes – goes along with submitted application when required by land owner or event organizer.
  • Keeping all chapter officers and coordinators in loop of planning and actions via email as necessary.

Communicate with FTA HQ – Membership Coordinator – Diane Strong  

  • By January 31 of each year, the Chapter Activity Chairs will submit their updated lists of Activity Leaders to the Florida Trail office.
  • Prepare and submit Nomination Package for Nominated (new/reinstated) Activity Leader
  • For Support (No need to recreate the wheel / Maybe another chapter has faced a similar dilemma)  
  • Tax Free ID number – usually expires or updates every two years – copy from FTA office if expired

Communicate with FTA Panhandle Program Manager – Adam Fryska – (A Valuable Resource). Our chapter’s continued involvement and participation in both directions leads to better maintained trails and funding resources.

Training will be provided.