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Support the Florida Trail Association and hiking in Florida by becoming a member.

Member Benefits

    • Participation in the local Apalachee chapter with frequent group hikes and other activities shared by like-minded outdoors enthusiasts
    • A subscription to the Footprint, our membership magazine packed with articles about Florida hiking and natural Florida
    • Access to hundreds of guided outdoor activities each year, from gentle day hikes to rugged backpacking trips and out-of-state travel
    • Free participation in F-Troop, our volunteer trail crew program that puts members out in the field to learn how to build bridges, boardwalks, and other structures that require teamwork
    • Free workshops in trail tools and techniques, including crosscut and chainsaw certification
    • A local chapter newsletter [The Blaze] packed with activities near your home
    • State and regional conferences teaching trail skills, nature appreciation, and wilderness ethics while encouraging camaraderie and fun
    • The official FTA window decal and FTA logo patch

Click HERE to see the FTA Membership Brochure for more information.

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Annual dues are only $35 for an individual, $50 for a family.



  1. Walt Wager

    My wife (Barbara J. Gill) signed up for a family membership, so I assume I am a member. I am trying to get my profile in the system, but haven’t been successful. How do I do that?

    1. Apalachee Chapter of the FTA (Post author)

      Here is the link to be added to our newsletter.
      The FTA main office in Gainesville, FL handles memberships:

  2. Daniele Dixon

    Hi there – a question, not a comment. As an FTA member participating in the hikes, are we allowed to bring our leashed dogs? I have a well behaved Lab who might like to come.

    1. Apalachee Chapter of the FTA (Post author)

      Hello, Daniele! I apologize for the delayed response! I thought I had previously responded to your message, but when I came to the admin dashboard today, it doesn’t look like my reply was previously sent! Again, I apologize!

      Each volunteer Activity Leader has different guidelines regarding dogs for their hikes. So, the best place to find out if your pupper is allowed is on the event’s page on our site at: .

      Hope to see you and your lab on the trail soon!

    2. Apalachee Chapter of the FTA (Post author)

      Depends on the hike and the activity leader. Most allow, but check with the activity leader. You can post in the Meeting Up discussion for that hike to ask.

  3. Joseph

    I just donated $50. Am I a member?

    Joseph McCoy
    Ocoee, FL

    1. Apalachee Chapter of the FTA (Post author)

      Hello, Joseph! The memberships are handled by the FTA HQ. You can find their contact info on their website at . They should be able to let you know your membership status.

  4. Greg Blakney

    After a friend posted on FB about the recent Torreya State Park get together and cleanup, I realized that was something that I felt that my family would be probably be interested in learning more about. Both my daughter and son agreed. We are interested in the best way to meet up with the group and see if we are a good fit. We are all based in Tallahassee, FL.


    1. Apalachee Chapter of the FTA (Post author)

      Hi, Greg! Thanks for your interest in the Apalachee Chapter of the Florida Trail Association! I was personally at the Torreya Maintenance Event this past weekend and it was a GREAT time! This chapter always has so much going on that I know your family will find a way to get involved and love it to! I recommend checking out our Meetup site at for event information and to particularly look out for our next Chapter Meeting and Program, to be held Tuesday, February 21. You will find information on lots of other events there too. If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out to me on Facebook!

      -Ron Harrison

  5. dee huff

    I was wondering about joining but is there a chapter near Okeechobee

    1. Apalachee Chapter of the FTA (Post author)

      Absolutely, Dee! Check out all of our chapters at !

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